Ploof: A Yamaha Scooter Prototype

Transportation design student Axel Dichamp dubbed this dadaesque scooter prototype "Ploof," which could be an onomatopoeic approximation of the sound made when its image smacks against the optic nerve. Dichamp's idea was to create a Yamaha two-wheeler for adult consumers concerned with comfort. The result is a… » 11/16/06 1:26pm 11/16/06 1:26pm

Jet-Powered Beetle's Garage Mate: The Jet Scooter

You remember Ron Patrick, don't you? He's the guy who built the jet-powered New Beetle whose blue-white afterburner flame's graced the pages of countless mags, lo these past several months. He's not done. We'll let Mr. Patrick describe his latest thrusty venture: » 8/18/06 8:37am 8/18/06 8:37am

Oh, that sounds like a fine idea. Will there be…

The Fhybrid Scooter: Hydrogen Powered Hybrid Power

Although it's currently only a concept, the picture above represents the future. It's a future where people can travel on scooters and not feel like absolute nerds. Although that's a lie, this concept may really show the future. It's a hydrogen powered scooter was designed by an industrial design student from Delft… » 7/28/06 10:06am 7/28/06 10:06am

Trike Psych!: Piaggio's Three-wheeled, Backwards Scooter

Italy's maker of all things small and puttery, Piaggio, has come up with a high-tech scooter with three wheels. But get that picture of grandma's Tri Rider out of your mind. This trike has two wheels in the front and one in the back, a setup it shares with a couple of late-model concept cars. The Piaggio MP3 — an… » 5/13/06 7:53pm 5/13/06 7:53pm

Honda's Electric Scooter

Honda's Monpal ML200 could be the company's first SUV (supermarket utility vehicle). Honda says the four wheeled sidewalk-only scooter (sorry, electric-powered personal mobility device) — to be offered in Japan for the first time this week — is particularly safe thanks to its use of technologies developed as part of… » 1/24/06 1:56pm 1/24/06 1:56pm