Jet-Powered Beetle's Garage Mate: The Jet Scooter

You remember Ron Patrick, don't you? He's the guy who built the jet-powered New Beetle whose blue-white afterburner flame's graced the pages of countless mags, lo these past several months. He's not done. We'll let Mr. Patrick describe his latest thrusty venture: » 8/18/06 8:37am 8/18/06 8:37am

Oh, that sounds like a fine idea. Will there be drink…

Trike Psych!: Piaggio's Three-wheeled, Backwards Scooter

Italy's maker of all things small and puttery, Piaggio, has come up with a high-tech scooter with three wheels. But get that picture of grandma's Tri Rider out of your mind. This trike has two wheels in the front and one in the back, a setup it shares with a couple of late-model concept cars. The Piaggio MP3 — an… » 5/13/06 7:53pm 5/13/06 7:53pm