You Can't Stop Schadenfriday; You Can Only Wish It Were Saturday

Red or white? Ford or Chevy? Coke or Pepsi? Blond or Brunette? And of course, Lambo-style scissors or Mercedes-ish gullwings? Why not both? For one very special Jetta owner that difficult decision is no choice at all. And we can't stop laughing. Or is that crying? Though we do dig the massive wheel arches. And the… »12/08/06 3:00pm12/08/06 3:00pm

Or Maybe You'll Just Look Like an Asshole: USAT on Scissor Doors

Always with their bar-graphin', pie-chartin' fingies on the pulse of automotive culture, the USA Todays take on the topic of upward-swinging doors, which, let's face it, should only ever be offered on Lamborghinis. Retrofitting them to anything less ultimately reveals you as the bro-hammin', no-taste-havin' dillhole… »2/22/06 3:33pm2/22/06 3:33pm