The Luxury Box Is A Car That Needs To Exist

Actually, it's not just a particular car that needs to exist, it's a whole new segement. And, sure, you'd think that every possible car segment has already been thought of, and while this one may have been considered before, it's not really available. What is this segment? It's the box. But not just any box. The luxury » 3/17/15 4:00pm 3/17/15 4:00pm

The Toyota bB Open Deck Is Usefully Bonkers

This week I was in Little Tokyo with my wife and son, and I found this toy Toyota bB Open Deck. I got it for Otto, because how often do you see these, and plus, it's close to the car he usually rides in. When I got home, I did some research, and the more I found out about this quirky trucklet, the more I liked it. » 5/24/13 1:30pm 5/24/13 1:30pm

Watch Legend Tiff Needell Spank My Wife's Scion Around A Track

Tiff Needell is a man used to driving some very serious, very fast cars. It's amazing to watch him in action. But everyone's probably getting pretty sick of seeing him drive finely-tuned, expensive sports cars all the time, right? It's time he took something else on the track. Something that looks more like a washing… » 4/22/13 12:40pm 4/22/13 12:40pm

Toyota Resorts To Building Taco Truck Scions Ahead Of Financiapocalypse

It takes a certain kind of genius to combine two seemingly disparate products like tacos and paint into one business venture. It took Toyota to do 'em both in this Scion xB » 11/14/08 5:40pm 11/14/08 5:40pm modified for duty as a taco and paint truck. See, now that you've seen it, the imaginary palm to forehead moment is inevitable. This particular …

Grandma and Grandpa Go Ghost Riding, Ghost Riding Officially No Longer…

We knew ghost riding was definitely on the downward trend after being all the rage with rappers and military convoys for going on two years now. But, after seeing this video of Gran and Gramps gettin' jiggy with their Scion, we know it wasn't yet dead. Now it is. However, we find it amusing and sad that these two have… » 5/27/08 3:40pm 5/27/08 3:40pm

Dealer Sets Scion xB On Fire, Destroys It

A forum member over at ScionLife took his Scion xB to the dealer for a technical service bulletin issue this past week and got a call no car owner ever wants to receive. Somehow, the dealer managed to set his car on fire. The customized xB was totaled in the blaze and the Scion dealer has promised to replace the xB.… » 4/08/08 10:15am 4/08/08 10:15am