Michael Schumacher Shows Off Ferrari California On The Nürburgring

As much as we'd like to see retired F1 champ Michael Schumacher »10/07/08 6:40pm10/07/08 6:40pm grab a Ferrari by the neck and toss it around the Green Hell, that's not what happened here. Rather, this clip shows a bit of the recent Ferrari Racing Days at the Nürburgring in which Schumi shills for the new by cruising around the modern racing…

Michael Schumacher Caught Speeding In Germany, Slapped With Three Points And A Fine

Evidently unable to control his urges, Michael Schumacher »9/03/08 11:20am9/03/08 11:20am has been caught speeding in his native Germany. The Polizei pulled Schumi over driving above the posted 62 MPH limit, slapping him with a fine of about $108 and three points on his license. But that only equates to ten over the speed limit — some claim he was…

Guide To F1 Victory Champagne: An Innuendo-Laden List Of How It's Done

Blasting giant bottles of champagne has been a Formula One tradition almost as long as the swig of milk taken on the stand at the Indianapolis 500. So, of course, there are certain stylistically unique ways of celebrating victory, or at least near-victory. GridCrasher has come up with a clever list of 13 types of… »7/08/08 4:40pm7/08/08 4:40pm