Schadenfriday: Man in Stolen Vette is Luckiest Hoon Alive.

No, really. First of all, ignore what the announcer says — this guy wasn't going anywhere near 165mph. But, he was moving at a good clip. We'll just go ahead and guess 100-110mph. And oh brother does he eat it. We mean eat it. How does he survive? Only the good die young. Maniac Mustang bonus video after the jump.… »1/19/07 3:29pm1/19/07 3:29pm


It's Still Schadenfriday Somewhere: Donks, Boxes and Bubbles Explained

The FoMoCo lot here in sunny, Southern California is three blocks east of Compton [Frightening side note: there's a Compton trailer park one block off the freeway]. So, whenever we cruise the 710 to pick up the latest metal from Dearborn (or Hermosillo, Mexico) we peep many young bucks cruising one-handed in… »1/06/07 4:00am1/06/07 4:00am

You Can't Stop Schadenfriday; You Can Only Wish It Were Saturday

Red or white? Ford or Chevy? Coke or Pepsi? Blond or Brunette? And of course, Lambo-style scissors or Mercedes-ish gullwings? Why not both? For one very special Jetta owner that difficult decision is no choice at all. And we can't stop laughing. Or is that crying? Though we do dig the massive wheel arches. And the… »12/08/06 3:00pm12/08/06 3:00pm

The Retrun of Schadenfriday! The Bad, The Worst and The Hideous...

We dare you, man. We frigging double-dog dare you to find an uglier... thing. We love Subarus around here as much as the next McRae, but the SVX — despite its maximum hoonage potential — has always put the ugly into fugging ugly. Some Scoobie-coupe owning bozo has apparently grafted the spare tire carrier from a Gel… »12/08/06 1:59pm12/08/06 1:59pm

Ford GT Driver Gets Taken by Pole: It's Schadenfriday!

Nine miles. Nine freaking miles. That's all a Kansas City man had on his brand-new Ford GT when he decided to get all accelerative with it. The result? Just in time for Schadenfriday, a pole through the front end of his supercar. Eh, meh, that trunk wasn't all that big in the first place. And besides, now we can put… »2/24/06 7:35pm2/24/06 7:35pm

It's Schadenfriday! Strippers and Graft: Houston Collector Loses Cars, Cash

In some ways, we don't feel particularly bad for billionaire Texas attorney John O'Quinn. Much like Mrs. McCave with her Dave problem, he had so many cars he didn't know what to do. The natural solution was to hire an ex-con to manage his collection. O'Quinn handed over blank checks to the convicted burglar in order… »8/12/05 5:49pm8/12/05 5:49pm