And You Thought the Drivers Were Bad in Massachusetts...

Mother Russia. Home of Vodka, sexy ladies in fur hats, and, apparently, the worst drivers in the world. Maybe these winter warriors thought they were still operating Soviet tanks; maybe they were drunk. One thing is for sure: ZOMG HILARIOUS. » 10/22/10 4:00pm 10/22/10 4:00pm

The 30 Most Expensive Car Crashes Of 2009

Supercars continue to get faster and more exotic, but there's little evidence to suggest their drivers are getting any better at driving. We've been keeping score. Here's the 30 most expensive cars that crashed in 2009 (that we covered). » 12/28/09 2:45pm 12/28/09 2:45pm

Ferrari Crashes Into Truck In Newport Beach

One man was killed and another seriously injured after their Ferrari jumped a center median on the Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach Christmas Eve, crashing into a truck traveling the opposite direction. But what kind of Ferrari was it? » 12/26/09 2:45pm 12/26/09 2:45pm

Cover Your Eyes: The Porsche Panamera Mega Gallery

Since the Germans invented Schadenfreude, it seems only appropriate that the new Porsche Panamera » 11/26/08 6:30pm 11/26/08 6:30pm is so awful that we just can’t quit looking at it. With that in mind, we bring you the Porsche Panamera Mega Gallery: 41 pictures of LongBruce, the four-seat Porsche.