Minitruck Racing Is Everything That's Been Missing From Your Life

Small pickups have all but gone the way of the dodo given that today’s “small” truck is still larger than many apartments in NYC. There’s quite a few of us who miss the minitruckin’ craze, even today. If you’re obsessed with that Facebook page dedicated to retro minitrucks, this old racing footage will blow your mind.

Marvel At The Awesome Cars And Crazy Home-Built Creations Of Solo Nationals

Every year, the nation’s best autocrossers descend upon the Sports Car Club of America Solo National Championships. Racers bring everything from stock-class grocery getters to supercars to highly modified cars built for one purpose: to dodge cones very fast. This supercut of Solo Nats action is downright amazing.

This Is The FIA's New Formula 4, Based Right Here In America

When the FIA’s new Verstappen-proof superlicense rules came out for Formula One, America felt just a little shafted. Not too many of the series that go towards superlicense points even run here. Fortunately, the Sports Car Club of America’s Pro Racing arm is about to change that: we’re getting a Formula 4 series!

Dead planes and pork barbecue: Running my Miata at the Blytheville Pro

The first thing you notice when you get on site is the boneyard. To get to the paddock area, you drive around the perimeter of the course, cordoned off from the rest of the world by an army of skinny orange pylons and lengths upon lengths of yellow safety tape, and through the aircraft graveyard itself. Once past the…

Watch A Field Of Spec Miatas Crash In A Sandstorm Made Of Oil Dry

A car in an earlier race at this weekend’s SCCA US Majors Tour at Virginia International Raceway blew its engine, spewing assorted fluids all along this section of track. Oil dry should soak that right up, right? Sure, but when a tight pack of Spec Miatas hit the oil dry afterwards, it just added to the carnage.


The Longest Night Of Our Lives: Another Porsche 944 Horror Story

There I was... flying down the straight after turn two at Pocono Raceway, pretending to draft Mathias, who was driving his recently purchased 1987 Porsche 944. As we approached the turn in point, I got on my brakes and downshifted into third from fourth. The straight-piped inline four shrieked as it hit what seemed to…

Why stay-in-your-car rules didn't exist in racing, until now

After the Tony Stewart / Kevin Ward, Jr. debacle, I was as guilty as anyone for thinking it insane that short-track organizers didn't have rules requiring drivers to stay in their cars. We found data that showed just how disproportionately dangerous short-track racing was. Letting them climb onto a hot track is…