The Ten Biggest Automotive Scandals That Caused An Executive To Step Down

As we’ve seen with VW’s recent scandal, when the public finds out about how badly a corporation screwed up, somebody has to take the blame. Unfortunately for the high-up executives and decision makers, that usually means them. These are the ten biggest automotive scandals that have caused an executive to find the door.
»9/24/15 11:14am9/24/15 11:14am


Why Did United Airlines' CEO Resign? An Explainer

United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek resigned abruptly yesterday amid allegations of wrongdoing in his dealings with David Samson, the former agency chair of New York City-area airports. And the best part of this new scandal is that it can trace its roots back to last year’s bridge closure scandal in New Jersey! »9/10/15 6:29pm9/10/15 6:29pm

Seafaring "Salty Goat" Sinks Navy Cruiser Captain's Career

It is a story about a ‘colorful’ Skipper of a Ticonderoga-Class Guided Missile Cruiser and a little Pygmy Goat that got the ride of its life across the Pacific Ocean. It has brought controversy and instability to a crew, heavy media attention to a goat, and the end of said Skipper’s career, and we have an inside… »5/03/15 2:06pm5/03/15 2:06pm

Soldiers Punished For Blowing Military Resources On Smutty Photo Shoot

Four members of Utah's 19th Special Operations Group have been disciplined, with one removed from command and forced to retire early, after video of the Hot Shots 2015 Calendar shoot went viral, showing scantily clad models driving military vehicles, shooting guns, and blowing taxpayer cash in the process. »4/03/15 7:10pm4/03/15 7:10pm