Mosley Warned By Ecclestone Two Months Before Orgy

According to The Times, Bernie Ecclestone warned Max Mosley, "that people had been hired to discredit him and that they had been given an unlimited budget to do so." The paper's information comes from a corporate spy who now feels remorse for trying to help the former Fascist Party member avoid the plot against him. » 6/27/08 11:20am 6/27/08 11:20am

Former NASCAR Official Sues For Rampant Discrimination, It's Worse Than You Think

Former NASCAR Technical Inspector Mauricia Grant is suing the racing organization to the tune of $250 million, citing some pretty extraordinary examples of racial, sexual, religious and downright ridiculous discrimination. In a 40-page legal filing made in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on… » 6/10/08 7:42pm 6/10/08 7:42pm

McLaren Boss Ron Dennis Denies Setting Up Max Mosley

Ron Dennis has denied allegations that he was responsible for setting up the Max Mosley sex video scandal. It has been suggested that McLaren may have facilitated the News of the World investigation in response to the $100 million fine they received from FIA last year. » 5/05/08 8:20am 5/05/08 8:20am

FIA's general assembly will meet on June 3rd…

F1 Boss Max Mosley Caught With Five Hookers In "Nazi Orgy" Video Scandal

FIA President Max Mosley has been caught on film allegedly taking part in what UK tabloid News of the World » 3/30/08 8:50pm 3/30/08 8:50pm has characterized as a "Nazi orgy." Although we initially thought it was the world's zaniest April Fool's joke, we were wrong. Sick and wrong. During the five-hour video, which the tabloid also has in…

Justice Department Investigates Mercedes in Alleged Bribery Scandal

The US Justice Department must not have read Jeremy Clarkson's excellent defense of bribery, apropos of VW's recent sex-and-bribery scandal, or they'd likely reconsider going after Mercedes for what may be similar offenses. (See also a more academically inclined defense by Pierre Lemieux.) The department's… » 8/10/05 9:17am 8/10/05 9:17am