2009 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in Geneva; Don't Blink, It's the Same on the Outside

The 612 is the prancing horse's strong, silent type; it's about as edgy as a long weekend in the South of France, and just as pricey. That's been the extent of criticism leveled at Ferrari's luxurious tourer. With the 2009 edition, the company left most aspects of the 612 alone, but added a couple of quick updates.… »3/05/08 9:15am3/05/08 9:15am

Strange Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Spotted Provides Us Opportunity For Endless Speculation

The Italian stallions of happened to snag some shots of a very odd looking Ferrari 612 Scaglietti near the Maranello Ferrari factory. There's potentially some very weird stuff going on under the hood there if those odd-looking hood bulges are to be believed. Perhaps it's a facelift for the 612 Scag, or it… »9/21/07 10:45am9/21/07 10:45am

Only in Geneva: One Man's One-Off Ferrari Concept Is Another's Daily Driver

Seriously, if you were Giorgietto Giugiaro, wouldn't you drive your one-off Ferrari concept car across the Alps to Switzerland? And once you got there, wouldn't you just slam it into a parking garage, in sight of all the plebes' Ford Focus C-Maxes and Renault Twingos? The Winding Roadies caught Giugiaro's Ferrari… »3/07/07 5:34am3/07/07 5:34am

Post-Debut Pre-Debut of Peter Kalikow's Ferrari 612 Kappa

After we'd finished ogling the 599 in the Ferrari North America tent on Friday, we stepped outside for a dose of nicotine (it's the pause that refreshes, after all), and stumbled right into Peter Kalikow's Pininfarina-massaged 612 Scaglietti, dubbed the 612 Kappa. We shot the shit with some Ferraristi and gleaned… »8/22/06 8:00pm8/22/06 8:00pm

Another Billionaire's Ferrari: Peter Kalikow's Scaglietti

Pininfarina's released a press kit introducing the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti "K" the venerable design firm built for New York billionaire, real estate mogul, former owner of the New York Post, chairman of the MTA (NYC's transit authority) and all-around filthy-rich collector of priceless Ferraris, Peter Kalikow. The… »8/10/06 8:24am8/10/06 8:24am

Interior Design Mag Creates Ferrari Scaglietti Show Car

UK style council members caught unaware Ferrari's in-house coachworks can personalize a Ferrari Scaglietti to order, get out your Alexander McQueen pad and pencil sets. Ferrari's teamed with Walpaper* magazine on a show car to highlight the company's bespoke options. The driveway model's been finished in a "stunning… »7/10/06 9:26am7/10/06 9:26am

Another Billionaire Gets His Bespoke Ferrari On: Peter Kalikow's Scaglietti

New York real estate tycoon and chairman of the city's Metropolitan Transit Authority, Peter Kalikow, is the latest in a crowd of three super-rich Ferrari enthusiasts who've commissioned Italy's coachbuilders to rebody their exotics. As collector James Glickenhaus did vis-a-vie his bespoke, Enzo-based P4/5, Kalikow's… »4/18/06 9:13am4/18/06 9:13am