Low mileage turbo Lada Riva on Ebay

Although there is no shortage of Lada Riva's in Western Europe, coming across one of these boxy sedans in the US is very rare. We found this modified example for sale on Ebay with a buy it now price that could probably get you several dozen Lada's in many other parts of the world. » 10/29/11 2:00pm 10/29/11 2:00pm

Mila Kunis Steals Handicapped Spot Because Of Coffee-Related Disability

Mila Kunis, the annoying girlfriend from That 70's Show and voice of Family Guy's Meg Griffin, was spotted appropriating a handicapped space for her Lexus SC430. Is an iced mocha addiction really that debilitating? » 5/20/09 12:00pm 5/20/09 12:00pm

2008 Lexus SC 430 Pebble Beach Edition

Ladies who lunch, start your mixed green salads. It's the 2008 Lexus SC 430 Pebble Beach Edition, and it's coming soon to a tennis club in Orange County, California. Considering this is the time of year when car enthusiasts' thoughts turn to all things snooty and julip-soaked, Lexus again will give its aging SC a good… » 8/16/07 4:53pm 8/16/07 4:53pm

Lexus Launches Pebble Beach Edition Lexus SC

"Oh gawd, it's FABulous," ladies who lunch at Neiman Marcus will say, "Last year's was so tacky." Despite that this year's limited edition Lexus SC Pebble Beach, introduced at the Concours d'Elegance this past weekend, is nearly identical to last year's — merely substituting Tigereye Mica exterior and camel-color… » 8/23/05 3:28pm 8/23/05 3:28pm