3 Words: Roof Mounted Exhaust

Italian Francesco Zefferino Sbarro—known as Franco Sbarro—is an interesting man. Starting as a mechanic, he gradually worked his way into Scuderia Filipinetti, a Swiss race team. Using strong cars, they competed in Formula 1 and sports car racing, with drivers like Jim Clark, Phil Hill, Ronnie Peterson, Jo Siffert,… » 6/12/14 4:45pm 6/12/14 4:45pm

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Each year France's Espera Sbarro design school rolls out some manner of supercar concept for the journo set to ogle. Last year it was the Diva. This year, it's the Turbo S20 Concept 2007. It's a collaboration with the automotive TV show, "Turbo," which airs on channel M6 in France. Twenty students took just 120 days… » 3/12/07 11:30am 3/12/07 11:30am