Mainstream Media Finds Major 'Merican Automaker On YouTube

The internet reporter for CNN »11/17/08 6:30pm11/17/08 6:30pm's "The Situation Room" used her fancy touchscreen computer to highlight how GM has transformed its YouTube channel page from a place where it brags, into a place where, increasingly, it begs. Last year around this time there was video of people doing , but now, , it's all videos of guys…

What Domestic Car Are You Going To Miss The Most?

Despite the pleas »11/17/08 11:30am11/17/08 11:30am for the government (or rich spacemen) to and other domestic automakers, a may not come soon enough, leaving many of these companies to fail. A world without GM, Ford and Chrysler would more than likely mean a world without Camaros, Mustangs, F-150s, Jeeps and Corvettes (well, until Tata buys up the…

CNBC's Jim Cramer: "What's Good For GM Is Still Good For America"

The red rubber bull-biting bald man by the name of Jim Cramer had a mouthful to say about the Motor City today — making clear his belief that if Motown gets showed D.C.'s checkbook, then we've seen the lows of this financial downturn. I tend to agree. Right now, according to Cramer, the issue isn't anymore whether you… »11/14/08 6:45pm11/14/08 6:45pm