Mini Sports Activity Vehicle to be Built by Austrian Magna Steyr

BMW's just revealed that they've contracted the building of what's alternately been called the MINI Monte or MINI Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) to the Austrian auto manufacturing company Magna Steyr. If you think Magna Steyr and BMW sound like familiar cohorts, it's because they are. Magna was in charge of production… » 12/06/07 9:15am 12/06/07 9:15am

Ford's SAVvy European Minivans to Debut in Geneva

With room for seven and a turbocharged, 217 hp five banger right out of the European Focus ST, Ford's S-MAX minivan (pictured) courts Europe's lead-footed footballer-moms, while its larger Galaxy sibling (after the jump) targets their violin-recital-enduring half-sisters. Both small minivans (MPVs?) will show up in… » 2/22/06 7:27am 2/22/06 7:27am