Retro Ad Watch: Remember When Amoco Got R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

We remember those heady days of the late 80's — Rummy was getting chummy with Saddam in Iraq, a gallon of gas cost less than a half-gallon of milk and it seemed like the oil would last forever — or at least as long as Aretha was willing to whore out her Detroit-ass for some Amoco ducats. We feel like maybe we're… » 9/14/06 9:07am 9/14/06 9:07am

From The More-Money-Than-Taste File: King Abdullah's Royal Landie on…

Designed by the same folks who penned the Lamborghini LM002 and built for the Saudi Royal Family by Land Rover, this one-of-a-kind (thankfully) Landie is an atrocity not to be missed. From its grotesque kit-car front end to the spare tire cover featuring a mural of the Battle for Kuwait City, this may well be the… » 3/17/06 8:36pm 3/17/06 8:36pm