Sauber Really Only Let Giedo Van Der Garde Play Dress-Up In Australia

The Sauber Formula One team was in a lot of trouble at the beginning of the season: they had more drivers under contract than they had seats. While Van der Garde ultimately dropped his case, it's clear from Giedo van der Garde's account of the weekend that they had zero intent to let him drive, anyway. »4/06/15 11:57am

Van Der Garde Drops Dispute, Won't Drive For Sauber This Weekend

A new spirit of collaboration marked the discussions happening between the Sauber Formula One team and driver Giedo van der Garde after yesterday's court proceedings. Van der Garde submitted a Contempt of Court application after Sauber failed to secure him a drive, but that matter has been settled out of court. »3/13/15 7:22pm

How One Driver Sued For A Sauber Formula One Drive – And Won

2014 Sauber Formula One test driver Giedo van der Garde sued his ex-team to get a drive for this year–and won. Sauber signed drivers who brought more money to the team on top of their already contracted pair, and now Sauber could have their equipment seized if they don't comply with the ruling to let Van der Garde… »3/12/15 7:15pm

Sauber Paints Its F1 Car An Actual Color; IKEA Fans Everywhere Rejoice

While many other Formula One teams this year are content with thinking "50 Shades of Grey" is a design mantra, Sauber does it right and gives us a car that's in a color! An actual color! Here's Sauber's cheerful blue and yellow 2015 car, sure to conjure up images of cheap furniture and köttbullar. »1/30/15 10:09am