How The New Cold War Is Improving Your Navigation

Ever contemplated going to war with America, but been thwarted when the Great Satan switched off your access to its navigation satellites? That’s potentially a real problem for China and Russia, but the real victor in this navigational arms race might be you; it’s improving the quality of location data on your phone… »4/29/15 7:12pm4/29/15 7:12pm


1973 Plymouth Satellite Readies For B-Body Afterlife

A supporting actor in countless Malaise Era cop movies and TV shows, the 4-door early-70s Plymouth Satellite has just about disappeared from American streets by now... and now the number of street-driven Satellites has been reduced by one. I found this example (painted in the Malaise color I'm going to call Diminished… »4/29/08 2:00pm4/29/08 2:00pm

1971 Plymouth Satellite, with Bonus Apocalyptic Car Poll

Back in the era when big, crude Detroit muscle ruled the streets of Alameda, there were two types of cars that did most of the burnouts in front of the AM/PM on Friday nights. Two types of cars that rattled the windows of quiet neighborhoods with their Cherry Bombs and gear drives. I speak, of course, of the GM A-Body… »9/07/07 9:30am9/07/07 9:30am

Only in Japan: RaySat Introduces World's Smallest Vehicle Antenna for Satellite TV

Automotive satellite TV antenna developer RaySat introduced its super-small TeleRay antenna at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas today. Sorry kids, it's only for Japanese BS/CS sat broadcasts aired domestically. Small enough for the roof of a keicar, the pizza-sized antenna, just one-inch thick and 16… »1/03/06 11:50am1/03/06 11:50am

Follow that Ghost!: Microsoft Applies to Patent "Phantom Car" Technology

TransportTrends reports on a patent Microsoft recently filed for a new, virtual-reality navigation technology that won't require drivers to take their eyes off the road. The system would project (on a vehicle's windshield) the image of cartoon "lead car," fed by information gleaned from a satellite nav system. The… »8/24/05 2:43pm8/24/05 2:43pm