Adult Human Actually Thinks School Bus Brake Lights Are Satanic

Robyn Wilkins, an adult human being with functioning eyeballs and the capacity to reason, somehow actually thinks that school buses around the Memphis, TN area have brake lights designed to promote worshipping the devil. Yes, this woman saw a pattern of LEDs that sort of looked like a pentagram, and is now livid. » 1/15/15 9:45am 1/15/15 9:45am

Beelzebub Blew His Engine! Satanamino For Sale!

Holy crap! The terrifying Satanamino is listed on Craigslist LA, pentagram wheels, chopped top and all. Turns out Satan is a "struggling actor" who needs to "pay some bills." The engine is bad, no doubt because it wanted 100 octane human blood and that cheapo Prince of Darkness went with the 87 stuff. Only $4000. Or… » 3/14/07 9:54pm 3/14/07 9:54pm

El Camino de los Muertos, a Day Late: Satanamino!

A few weeks ago we decided to always carry a camera with us, as we see the kookiest rides bumping along the highways and byways of Los Angeles with ridiculous frequency. But nothing prepared us for what we saw this morning. Yes friends, the Devil drives a '73-'77 custom El Camino. While we're not shocked by the… » 11/02/06 6:45pm 11/02/06 6:45pm