New Socialist French President's Limo Is A Hybrid Hatchback

This weekend's election of Socialist candidate Francois Hollande to the presidency of France will have major impacts on the Eurozone, austerity policy, and the country's foreign relationships. More importantly, he gets to pick a car for his handover. » 5/09/12 9:30am 5/09/12 9:30am

G8 Leaders Look Silly Shuttled Around In GEM Electric Cars

Whatever may or may not have been accomplished at last week's G8 Summit in Italy, this photo of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in a GEM flanked by security guards is great success. Merkel, Gaddafi, Sarkozy and other leaders looking ridiculous below. » 7/15/09 3:45pm 7/15/09 3:45pm