Gullwinged, Amphibious Sports Car Is China's Best Creation Since Gong Li

The amphibious sports car isn't a new idea, there's the Rinspeed sQuba and Gibbs Aquada to name just two, but we have to give credit to the creator of this Chinese p***y magnet yellow amphicar for the addition of gullwing doors, ideal for when you're chilling on the Yangtze. We're fairly sure this is a custom job and… » 7/11/08 2:40pm 7/11/08 2:40pm

Oye Como Va!: The Santana Anibal Short Line in Geneva

We get a certain kind of chill thinking how trendy a Spanish-made SUV could be in certain parts of the US; in particular, Jalopnik ports of call, New York and LA. Imagine thousands of Spanophile hipsters sweating Ibiza, getting gored by Pamplona's bulls, enduring a K-hole in Madrid and rocking a Santana Anibal in… » 3/03/06 6:30am 3/03/06 6:30am