Gullwinged, Amphibious Sports Car Is China's Best Creation Since Gong Li

The amphibious sports car isn't a new idea, there's the Rinspeed sQuba and Gibbs Aquada to name just two, but we have to give credit to the creator of this Chinese p***y magnet yellow amphicar for the addition of gullwing doors, ideal for when you're chilling on the Yangtze. We're fairly sure this is a custom job and… » 7/11/08 2:40pm 7/11/08 2:40pm

Black Magic Cab: The Volkswagen Santana

Besides Chinese people and hazy air, the most common sight in Shanghai simply has to be Volkswagen Santana taxis. Based on the B2 Passat, the Chinese Santana is essentially a long-wheelbase Quantum, filling roughly the same role in PRC society that the Crown Victoria does in the US. In '91, the Santana was upgraded… » 4/23/07 9:00am 4/23/07 9:00am

Oye Como Va!: The Santana Anibal Short Line in Geneva

We get a certain kind of chill thinking how trendy a Spanish-made SUV could be in certain parts of the US; in particular, Jalopnik ports of call, New York and LA. Imagine thousands of Spanophile hipsters sweating Ibiza, getting gored by Pamplona's bulls, enduring a K-hole in Madrid and rocking a Santana Anibal in… » 3/03/06 6:30am 3/03/06 6:30am