Three of the World's Prettiest Parking Garages Are In One Small City

Parking garages are ugly by their very nature: They're metal cages that take up valuable space in our cities to house our automobiles for a few high-priced hours. But not all garages have to be ugly. In fact, three of the most beautiful are located within a few blocks of each other, in the city of Santa Monica,… » 4/14/14 6:10pm 4/14/14 6:10pm

Hoon Of The Day: Lamborghini Takes Out Parked Cars In Santa Monica

» 3/22/07 11:00am 3/22/07 11:00am

Wait, we think there's a "suspicion" that alcohol was involved in driving a $300,000 Lamborghini Murci lago into a line of parked cars in downtown Santa Monica? Oh wait, it was at 2:30 AM — yeah, it must have just been a mechanical error. Actually, it is a Lambo...the driver's lucky it didn't catch fire or just… » 3/22/07 11:00am 3/22/07 11:00am

Alleged Drunkard Mangles Lambo in Santa Monica

David August Johnson (emphatically no relation) smacked his Murcielago into five parked cars in Santa Monica earlier today. Johnson was booked on a suspected DUI and given a clean bill of health at an area hospital. The Lamborghini, however, appears to be totaled. From this day forward, we highly recommend that the… » 3/01/07 6:15pm 3/01/07 6:15pm