Santa's Sleigh Nearly Collides With Airliner Over Australia

Shortly after Australian aviation authorities announced that Santa Claus was given clearance to bring his sleigh and team of reindeer into the nation's airspace, the fat, bearded man was spotted flying his sleigh within spitting distance of a commercial airliner. Watch this video provided by 9News Australia. » 12/24/14 1:01pm 12/24/14 1:01pm

Merry Christmas From Formula E

» 12/13/14 1:33pm 12/13/14 1:33pm

I'm the Santa who crashed my vintage Porsche on Christmas in New York…

When I first saw the photo of Santa standing over a wrecked vintage Porsche in New York City (above) I thought it all seemed just a little too perfect. I even assumed it was maybe a commercial shoot. It wasn't. Now Santa's chimed in to explain exactly what happened. » 12/29/11 12:00pm 12/29/11 12:00pm

Why did Santa crash his vintage Porsche on 5th Avenue?

This young handsome beardless Santa celebrated Boxing Day by crashing his vintage Porsche 911 into a traffic signal at the corner of 5th Avenue and 19th Street in New York. What happened here? UPDATE! » 12/26/11 10:20pm 12/26/11 10:20pm

Ford to put reindeer out of work with 'green' Santa sleigh

Of all the despicable things we've seen this Christmas, topping the list is probably this new "environmentally friendly" Evos sleigh from Ford, which the company admits will force many a reindeer into an early "retirement" and "dramatically downsize" Santa's organization. Poor Rudolph, he never saw EcoBoost coming. » 12/23/11 12:00pm 12/23/11 12:00pm

Horrible PT Cruiser Gallery Too Horrible To Look Away From

Right on cue with the death of the PT Cruiser, Buzzfeed has assembled a gallery of horribly customized examples, all of which are too horrible to ignore. Why can't we stop looking? Gah! I can't stop saying horrible! [Buzzfeed] » 7/15/10 10:30am 7/15/10 10:30am

Automakers Design Santa A New Sleigh

In a desperate attempt to make Santa's "nice" list, automakers have been busy designing the jolly elf-enslaver a new sleigh. But can you really improve on 13 reindeer power? » 12/22/09 12:00pm 12/22/09 12:00pm

The Christmas Truck: One Dream, 3,000 lights

Over the last 25 years, various generations of "The Christmas Truck" have brightened the holiday season, figuratively and blindingly literally, for residents of Central Iowa. Here's the story of the virgin birth of this brilliant piece of low-tech yuletide celebration. » 12/09/09 9:30am 12/09/09 9:30am

Santa Rolls In A Focus RS

Brandenburg, Germany is our kind of place. Rather than a fake sled running on top of a tractor, their Santa Claus parade features a freakin' Ford Focus RS. We'll be nice, we promise. Photo Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images » 12/07/09 10:40am 12/07/09 10:40am

Bad Santas Disable Traffic Cameras In Arizona

A group of freedom-loving Santas stealthily disabled a series of traffic cameras in Tempe, Arizona by adorning the devices in camera-blocking Christmas ornamentation. The ninja santas' message? » 12/23/08 12:00pm 12/23/08 12:00pm