“What’s Bad About It?” “It’s Fucking New York” - A Report From People Who Do Not Want To Be Here Bailing Your Ass Out

"I DROVE A SEMI HERE –" I'm talking to a tough guy with a biker mustache working with a group of trucks pumping water out of buildings near the South Street Seaport, deep in the Lower Manhattan blackout. There's a din from the generators running around us, but he's just talking in that loud way that a lot of my… » 11/02/12 2:35pm 11/02/12 2:35pm

Why You're Better Off With An Electric Car In Blackout Manhattan

Electric car detractors often talk about ‘range anxiety,' where potential owners supposedly worry about getting stranded having run out of battery power. I've always thought this was bullshit. Who could test my theory better than the owner of an electric sports car in blacked-out downtown Manhattan? » 11/02/12 11:18am 11/02/12 11:18am