What Makes a Man Smoke Tires? Gasoline, Petrol, Benzin or Benzina?

On the occasion of the day after D. Boon's birthday, and having had all manner of fuel scents drift in from the harbor over the last few days, we started wondering why what we yanks call "gasoline" has so many names around the world. The Germans refer to it as "Benzin," based on the fuel's benzene quotient. The… »4/02/07 2:15pm4/02/07 2:15pm

More Fun With Jackstands: The Great White Whale of Pedro

While not quite the quad-flat Merc Limo of 'Gundo, this Cadillac's been sitting on 22nd Street right next to the sidewalk for the last couple of weeks or so. Sure, it's missing a couple of wheels, but since it's for sale, this display tactic allows potential buyers to check out the brakes. Nearby sits a primered El… »1/26/07 10:45pm1/26/07 10:45pm

Transport Revolution! The Great Hoverchair of San Pedro!

Despite what y'all think, we at Jalopnik to do not spend our days tearing around in Torino Talladegas playing the Angry Samoans at high volume, outrunning the Los Angeles Police Department and California Highway Patrol, mowing down sidewalk fruit stands and supping on the finest lobster bisque at sunset on the beach… »1/25/07 8:45pm1/25/07 8:45pm

Toyota Hybrid Exec David Hermance Dies In Plane Crash Off Cali Coast

There's an bit of space in the air off of the SoCal coast, right near our West Coast office in San Pedro, that's reserved for aeronautic acrobatic stunts. David Hermance, 59, Toyota's top American exec for alt-fuel vehicles and emissions tech, was well known as a pilot who enjoyed a bit of the loop-de-looping in this… »11/26/06 2:24pm11/26/06 2:24pm

These Are the Vehicles in Your Neighborhood: More of San Pedro's Lost Cars

A few months ago, we rocked a set of photos of the random vehicles we found down by the marina. Now, here's a random sampling of what can be found by merely walking from our house to Louie's Chinese Restaurant #2, known around these parts as "Dollar Chinese"...for good reason. Sit back, relax, put on your headgear,… »6/13/06 10:30pm6/13/06 10:30pm

This World is Big, And So Are We: Trans-Americas Journey

When Ray and Austin crashed the parade in Indy and ended up in a car with Karen Catchpole and her husband Eric Mohl, the masterminds behind Transamericas Journey, for some reason, it didn't click. And then in some sort of delayed reaction, we hear from the mighty Lew last night, saying "Karen Catchpole!" And it still… »6/10/06 12:28am6/10/06 12:28am