We Found The Ecto 1 and a Halo Warthog in L.A.

I went to the Spike Video Game Awards last Friday and... found the Ecto 1? Yes, the car from Ghostbusters was parked in the lot of Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, next to the Green Hornet's Black Beauty. » 12/12/12 2:10pm 12/12/12 2:10pm

Snakes For A Car?

Attention Hollywood directors, file this idea in your list of movie ideas for Sammy L. The infamous snake-killer could very well be interested in this man from London, Ontario who's decided he needs "a new vehicle." But since the only thing he's got is $3500 in camera gear and — err — what appears to be a bunch of… » 5/02/07 6:00pm 5/02/07 6:00pm

Deliver My Mother******* Maybach, Bitch: Samuel L. Jackson Gets a 57 S

As they say in the automotive industry, as goes Samuel L. Jackson, so goes the motherfucking country. That's why Maybach is promoting Jackson's recent purchase of a Maybach 57 S, personalized with special paint, refrigerator, silver tumblers, champagne glasses and folding tables for when company drops the fuck over.… » 12/07/06 9:40am 12/07/06 9:40am