Giving A Truck A Camera And A TV Is The Best Idea We Never Thought Of

Alright, ignore that this is a terrible ad from Samsung, a massive South Korean multinational conglomerate that also dabbles in surveillance and weapons technology, for a second and just BASK IN THE GENIUS. Mostly because it seems like one of those brilliant ideas that everyone should’ve thought of before but didn’t.
»6/14/15 12:11pm6/14/15 12:11pm


New GPS Chips to Make Navigation by Cell Phone Feasible

Samsung and CSR, a wireless tech company, are partnering to develop a new GPS solution that may slash the costs of producing cellphones with legitimate GPS receivers, replacing the triangulating and location-based services that companies like Verizon are currently hawking to customers. But the question remains: Will… »1/23/08 10:15am1/23/08 10:15am