Saleen Drops Dark Horse Mustang Into The Ring Ahead Of New Mustang Reveal In LA

With the upcoming debut of the 2010 Ford Mustang »9/26/08 12:00pm9/26/08 12:00pm at the , the existing enormous slate of special-edition Mustangs will be wiped clean, ready for a new crop. But not before a couple more special editions come out, like the Saleen Dark Horse. Only 25 of the 620 HP, supercharged, shaker-hood-scoop-intake-wearing Dark…

SMS 25th Anniversary Mustang Concept Has 720 Candle-Extinguishing Horsepower

Though no longer head of Saleen, Inc., you can't keep Steve Saleen from making Mustangs. In this case, his new company, SMS Limited, has built a very Saleen, Inc-looking concept to celebrate 25 years in the industry. In addition to the 720 HP engine and extreme body kit, this concept has the "Red Butterfly Induction… »7/07/08 10:20am7/07/08 10:20am

Lonely And Pathetic? Buy A Saleen Mustang From These Guys

When we were 11 we had a bachelor uncle who proudly displayed a poster in his bedroom of a woman wearing soap and little else cleaning off a Corvette. We thought it was hot at the time but, thankfully, grew enough over the next two years to understand the difference between things that are sexy and things that are… »5/02/08 12:00pm5/02/08 12:00pm

Two Barricade Saleen Mustangs Spotted, Transformers 2 Already Filming?

These shots, snapped in a drive-by of a trailer in the movie-making capital of Culver City, Calif. are two Saleen Mustangs outfitted with that familiar paint scheme that marks a very special 'stang. This can only mean filming of Michael Bay's next masterpiece is underway or getting pretty damn close. We can already… »3/28/08 7:00am3/28/08 7:00am

Gulf Oil Ford GT's At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The illustrious Vintage Racer is as big a fan of the Gulf Oil livery as we are (and perhaps also as big a fan of the word livery). Being the generous fellow he is, he's shared with us some photos he took of Ford GT's done up like GT40's of old from Indianapolis last year. According to Vintage Racer, some of the lucky… »1/10/08 12:45pm1/10/08 12:45pm