Natomas Party People Left Out of Highway Funds Allocation, Old-Timers…

For the last week or so, Jalopnik's San Pedro office has taken up temporary residence in Sacramento and our bureau chief must admit that he giggled a little bit when proponents of carpool lanes on I-80 in the Natomas area got shut out of a large allocation in funds that will go to improve the 405, the 5 in LA and… » 2/27/07 9:00pm 2/27/07 9:00pm

The Streets of Sacramento: Tradesmanamino!

You know, we're really not especially fond of our hometown of Sacramento. Sure, there're a few good things about it, but really, we couldn't wait to get out of the place at 18, and we'll hopefully never end up back there. Plus, it's expensive and congested now, too — two things it never used to be. But one great… » 5/17/06 4:31pm 5/17/06 4:31pm