Taurus Moniker Can't Save Ford's Large Sedan

When Ford announced it would revive the Taurus nameplate on its large sedan, execs claimed that the simple change would bring back valuable name recognition to boost sales. Now that sales figures have confirmed people don't buy cars because of the name that's on the back, on what can Ford blame the struggling sales?… » 10/15/07 12:15pm 10/15/07 12:15pm

Chicago Auto Show: Ford Unveils Taurus Models for 2008

No more Five Hundred, sayonara Freestyle. Ford unveiled its new, three-row Taurus, Taurus X (nee Freestyle) and Mercury Sable models in Chicago. Master of ceremonies was none other thanFord's Cisco "Systems" Codina, group vice president North America sales and service ampersand spong whapcaplet looseliver vendetta… » 2/07/07 12:45pm 2/07/07 12:45pm

Ford's New Bull Is Official: Exit The Five Hundred, Enter The Taurus

Yup folks, it's now official. We sent our intrepid young Chi-town connection, Matt Hardigree down to snap some pictures of Mark Fields dropping a load of bull on the crowd. And hey, this time it's actually appropriate to say that — go, us! That gallery's below. There's nothing much more to say other than what the… » 2/07/07 10:49am 2/07/07 10:49am