Spy Photos: Chevrolet S3X

Spies caught GM's new, Daewoo-built SUV — based on the Chevrolet S3X concept shown at the Paris motor show in 2004 — during tow-load testing somewhere in Europe. This particular model will likely be the 2006 Opel Frontera II, the first model to take advantage of the S3X platform, with a launch that could take place… » 8/15/05 11:24am 8/15/05 11:24am

New Utes: Fresh Models Expected from Chevrolet and Saturn

According to AutoWeek, GM is going heavy on the small-SUV market it had ceded to Ford, Honda and Toyota, with new models in development for the Chevrolet and Saturn lines. Created jointly with Daewoo — the new utes could be relatives of the Daewoo-built Chevrolet S3X concept, which would make sense, considering the… » 7/19/05 9:42am 7/19/05 9:42am