Tokyo Motor Show: Honda S2000 Type S Is The Honda S2000 Club Racer

We guess we'll be seeing the live reveal of the JDM Honda S2000 Type S in just a few short hours if these grainy press images are any indication. The Type S looks to be based on the Honda S2000 Club Racer which made its debut at the New York Motor Show earlier this year. In fact, by "based on" we really mean "the same… »10/23/07 4:30pm10/23/07 4:30pm


New York Auto Show: In The Year 2008: Honda S2000 CR

With minimal fanfare, Honda dropped the prototype S200 CR, which the company says "introduces a higher level of track-worthy performance and style to the S2000 roadster." Taking a Chapman-esque approach to the high-winding screamer by adding stiffness and lightness. The covertible top takes its leave, replaced by a… »4/05/07 11:00am4/05/07 11:00am