Honda Exec Hints That 'Baby NSX' Might Be A Real Actual Thing

Remember those very strange mid-engined Honda sports car patent images we previously covered? Yeah, well, apparently that might be a real thing to be slotted between the currently Japan-only S660 and the new Acura NSX. So, is it a successor to the S2000 as we know it, or something else?
» 7/16/15 10:15am 7/16/15 10:15am

The Nurburgring, a Screaming Wife, and a Failing Saab.

The Nurburgring isn't so much a race track as it is an insane German roller coaster that you can fall off of at any moment. My wife, Kelty, sitting next to me, screaming for 11 minutes straight intensified this effect. Except, instead of a roller coaster scream she was screaming like she suddenly found herself on the… » 4/22/14 8:22pm 4/22/14 8:22pm