This Is A Bad Idea: Goldstriker 24-Karat Gold Accessories

Let's say you have a Lincoln LS Jaguar S-Type and you're looking to tart it up a bit. You could go with any number of body kits, lowering components, flashy grilles and billet wheels, but you want to set yourself apart from the crowd. Do something, you know, classy. This is where Goldstriker comes at ya with 24… » 7/08/08 4:20pm 7/08/08 4:20pm

Happy Boss's Day, Walt: The Post-It Note Jaguar

We know from tipster Sean's e-mail that this was the boss's car, and other sources tell us it was a car parked at the wireless company InPhonic. Other than that we've no idea what "Walt" did to deserve the post-it treatment, but he's probably glad the office got an extra box from 3M rather than a few more shipments… » 4/19/07 9:20am 4/19/07 9:20am

Attack of the No Guys: A Doomed Plan to Save Jaguar

Ford executives have a long and noble history of failing upwards. This seems to be especially true where the company's Premier Automotive Group (Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover, Aston Martin) is concerned. After Premier's premier Premier Wolfgang Reitzle bled billions trying to transform a rag tag army of money-losing… » 2/05/07 3:24pm 2/05/07 3:24pm

Add XF to S, Delete S: New Jag Sedan to Drop in '08

Some people find the Jaguar S-Type to be rather hideous. We actually like it, although the design is certainly a tad long in the tooth and more-than-ripe for an upgrade. But this predictive rendering its successor, the new XF, due to roll into showrooms in '08...eeeee... It looks like what would result if Rover… » 11/28/06 7:15am 11/28/06 7:15am

Alcoa Can Wait: Jag Ditches Aluminum for Next S-Type

Remember the old days, back in 2004, when Jaguar — though circling the drain — was optimistic that aluminum stamping processes would lighten up its mid-range S-Type? Then, last year, the company said it would keep steel for the frame, but aluminum for the body. Now, word is, the next-gen S-Type will be fashioned… » 7/03/06 3:42pm 7/03/06 3:42pm

Jaguar's New S-Type: Ground-up Redesign, Part Aluminum

Jag's next-generation S-Type, coming in 2007 as a 2008 model, won't have an all-aluminum chassis like the XJ and new XK coupe, according to AutoWeek, but it will get a ground-up redesign that includes a lightweight aluminum (that's al-u-MINum) body. According to UK witnesses, the new car will have a body that shares… » 8/10/05 4:04pm 8/10/05 4:04pm