Russia's Buildup Of S-400 Missile Batteries In Kaliningrad Is Freaking Out NATO

The same air defense system that has seemingly kept coalition fighters out of western Syria is now being installed in the heart of Europe, at Russia’s Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad. Russia’s setting up surface-to-air missile systems in their territory is nothing new, but the S-400's long-range and effectiveness is.


Here's Russia's S-400 Missile System In Action, And How The U.S. Would Deal With It

Much hyperbole surrounds Russia’s S-400 advanced surface-to-air missile system, which is now being exported abroad and was recently deployed to Syria. Unsurprisingly, Russia has leveraged this deployment to further build-up the public’s perception of the S-400. Still, the S-400 is highly capable, and beating it, or…