Ryanair Sure Knows How To Handle A Snowdick

The troupe of happy-go-lucky gadabouts who make up Ryanair's ground crew exercised their rights as human beings by drawing a giant snowdick on the powdery tarmac of the runway. Philistines soon complained about the glorious snow-penis, but Ryanair, to their credit, handled Snowdickgate like a champ. » 2/09/15 10:17am 2/09/15 10:17am

That Time An Airline Gave Itself A Boob Job

Even if you don't live in Europe, you've probably heard of Ryanair. Their level of excellence is about equal to that of Spirit Airlines here in the U.S. for its pricing methodologies and harebrained marketing schemes. But Ryanair once enhanced its image, by giving its corporate logo a breast augmentation. » 12/10/14 10:06am 12/10/14 10:06am