Person On Craigslist Trying To Sell Haunted Parts From Ryan Dunn's Fatal Accident

It's pretty well established that Craigslist is the de facto place to go to get pretty much anything: slightly vomit-stained sofas, sousaphone lessons, furtive handjobs in cars, the cars themselves, and now it seems even allegedly haunted Porsche bits from the car former Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in. »3/18/13 1:55pm3/18/13 1:55pm


Who Knew Ryan Dunn Could Be a Wrestling Announcer? Gumball 3000 Video

Our friend Luis Illades once posted a bulletin on Friendster, back during the short-lived Friendster Epoch, that sounded like it should've been read in the Ultimate Telemundo/Traffic Reporter voice. We notified him of this. Bear in mind that Luis is a homosexual punk rock drummer from Tijuana who claims that he makes… »9/01/06 4:30pm9/01/06 4:30pm