Person On Craigslist Trying To Sell Haunted Parts From Ryan Dunn's…

It's pretty well established that Craigslist is the de facto place to go to get pretty much anything: slightly vomit-stained sofas, sousaphone lessons, furtive handjobs in cars, the cars themselves, and now it seems even allegedly haunted Porsche bits from the car former Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in. » 3/18/13 1:55pm 3/18/13 1:55pm

Who Knew Ryan Dunn Could Be a Wrestling Announcer? Gumball 3000 Video

Our friend Luis Illades once posted a bulletin on Friendster, back during the short-lived Friendster Epoch, that sounded like it should've been read in the Ultimate Telemundo/Traffic Reporter voice. We notified him of this. Bear in mind that Luis is a homosexual punk rock drummer from Tijuana who claims that he makes… » 9/01/06 4:30pm 9/01/06 4:30pm