The Ford Transit Motorhomes Are Here And They Look So Awesome

I really like motorhomes, for some reason. I bought an old one to move across the country, and ever since then my standard of true automotive luxury involves a toilet. That’s why I’m excited to see this new generation of RVs built on the Transit platform, and delighted by one particularly clever feature. »11/16/15 5:04pm11/16/15 5:04pm


​Cross-Country In A Vintage RV, Day One: The First Day

Finally leaving LA was really difficult, in pretty much every way: emotionally, physically, financially, and maybe even anthropologically. But there's no better balm for a bruised soul than a nice long road trip. Long like trans-continentally, and in a nice 70s-era RV. We've officially been on the road one day, and… »8/12/14 3:28pm8/12/14 3:28pm