Top Ten Most Important NASCAR Crashes Of All Time

Our friends at Popular Mechanics » 9/19/08 4:15pm 9/19/08 4:15pm have put together a list of what they consider the top ten most influential crashes in NASCAR history, complete with video. These ten smash-ups were influential not in how they changed the course of a single race, but in how they got us to today's "Car of Tomorrow," a race car that is…

Joint Compound Disguise, Rusty Wallace Plates Lead Police To Bank Robber

Pennsylvanian Robert Coulson Lavery figured he had all the details planned to pull off the perfect crime: cover his face with a coat of drywall compound, rob a bank, then make his getaway in a car decorated with a Rusty Wallace souvenir license plate. Unfortunately for Mr. Lavery, a tipster recognized the Rustymobile,… » 1/14/08 3:00pm 1/14/08 3:00pm

Shocks 'n' All: NASCAR Investigates Rear-End Height of Six Cars

Jimmie Johnson, last weekend's winner at Dover, DE, had his rear shocks confiscated by the France Family Henchmen NASCAR officials, along with Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin and Greg Biffle. The reason? Other drivers were complaining about the height of the cars' rear ends. While they all passed… » 9/28/05 11:29am 9/28/05 11:29am