For $3,999, The Highlight Of This Hilux Is Its Huffer

A couple of years ago Top Gear attempted to kill a Toyota Pickup through a series of challenges worthy of a James Bond Villain, but ultimately failing to do so. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe factory turbo Hilux also looks to have plenty of life left, but is its price a death blow to buying it? » 4/24/12 8:00am 4/24/12 8:00am

World's Worst Hyundai Tiburon? World's Worst Hyundai Tiburon

In tough times, people keep their old cars alive through elbow grease, spare parts and know-how. This Hyundai Tiburon owner applied super glue, speaker wire and plastic sheeting in combinations so unfortunate his mechanic saved the sight for posterity. » 11/03/10 10:30am 11/03/10 10:30am