Watch This Old Truck Barf Out Its Engine Like A Sick Dog

Remember that part in Alien when the alien comes out of the guy?! Don’t worry, watching these dudes yank an engine out of an old Blazer (or is that a Jimmy?) isn’t too grotesque or disturbing. Unless you really like old Blazers, in which case, this might be tough to get through. » 7/18/15 9:00am 7/18/15 9:00am

Project 1964 Lincoln Continental: Trunk Lid Ballet

This is just going to be a set of pictures with the trunk lid on. There are no pictures of the trunk-lid-putting-on process. There are no pictures of the process because it involved a Friday night, a case of Bud, me stubbing my toe on the trunk lid as it leaned against the wall, and me deciding to man up and put it on… » 12/05/07 1:15pm 12/05/07 1:15pm

Project 1964 Lincoln Continental : The Saga Begins

It's been almost a month since the announcement of the '64 Lincoln Continental Personal Project Car. The madness of preparing for, traveling to, partaking of, and returning from the Tokyo Motor Show consumed all of our blogging powers and there have been exactly zero progress-update posts. This is not to say there has… » 11/05/07 1:00pm 11/05/07 1:00pm

When Rust Attacks: Mercedes 230 SL Recovered After 30 Years in River

Remember that science experiment where you put a tooth in a glass of Coca-Cola and watch it dissolve over the subsequent month? Now imagine an early-70s Mercedes 230 SL as the tooth, and Germany's Neckar river as the Coke. And instead of a month, figure it's been submerged for 30 years. That's exactly what happened… » 4/09/07 12:26pm 4/09/07 12:26pm

Your Tin Roof...Rusted! Cars Lasting Longer Due to Inhibited Corrosion

So according to the kids, cars rust a lot less than they used to. We remember back in the early '80s, our dad used to go teach at a high school in the 'hood in his rusty-ass '69 Catalina. At that point, the car was maybe 12-13 years old. The kids would say, "Here comes Mister Johnson in his rustproof car!" And this… » 4/13/06 10:51pm 4/13/06 10:51pm