When Rust Attacks: Mercedes 230 SL Recovered After 30 Years in River

Remember that science experiment where you put a tooth in a glass of Coca-Cola and watch it dissolve over the subsequent month? Now imagine an early-70s Mercedes 230 SL as the tooth, and Germany's Neckar river as the Coke. And instead of a month, figure it's been submerged for 30 years. That's exactly what happened… »4/09/07 12:26pm4/09/07 12:26pm

Your Tin Roof...Rusted! Cars Lasting Longer Due to Inhibited Corrosion

So according to the kids, cars rust a lot less than they used to. We remember back in the early '80s, our dad used to go teach at a high school in the 'hood in his rusty-ass '69 Catalina. At that point, the car was maybe 12-13 years old. The kids would say, "Here comes Mister Johnson in his rustproof car!" And this… »4/13/06 10:51pm4/13/06 10:51pm