Crimean Crisis Military Update #1: Why Russia Sank Its Own Ship

So what's new militarily in regards to one of the world's least intense, but most publicized conflicts? The U.S. is sending military assets to the area, the Russians sunk one of their own ships, and if you live in Crimea you should probably invest in some noise-canceling headphones. » 3/08/14 11:09pm 3/08/14 11:09pm

Yep, Russia's Still Using Those Inflatable Tanks and Weapons

You'd think after word got out about their inflatable decoys several years back, the Russian military would've changed tack. It doesn't look like they have—unless they fooled the BBC, who filmed a video of a tank in "action." » 10/12/10 1:47pm 10/12/10 1:47pm

Russia's New Nuclear Missile-Carrying 16-Wheelers

The MAZ 547/7916 series of mobile military transports was an integral part of Soviet military strategy. Outfitted with intercontinental nuclear missiles, their mobility aided in evading satellite and spy plane imaging of the day. These are Russia's even-bigger descendants. » 9/17/10 2:30pm 9/17/10 2:30pm