Here’s A Truck Driver Hitting A Low Bridge And Almost Killing A Biker

Yes, truck drivers do hit those low bridges. Here is a truck transporting a crane striking a low overpass in Russia, nearly getting the biker behind it killed. » 8/06/12 4:00pm 8/06/12 4:00pm

Is This The Year's Best Road Rage Revenge Or Its Biggest Douche Move?

Here we see a Toyota and a Toyota/Lexus SUV in Russia merging into the same single lane. When the Lexus doesn't get its way, it exacts clever and decisive revenge on the other driver, but was it justified? » 7/30/12 4:40pm 7/30/12 4:40pm

Watch A Boat Pass A Car On A Russian Highway

Anything, and I mean anything is possible on a Russian highway, so we've come to expect the unexpected from our dash cam loving friends. » 7/23/12 9:30am 7/23/12 9:30am