Weekend Of A Champion Is The Real Best Motorsports Movie Of The Year

Ron Howard's Rush was to be the first of a wave of motorsports films, a turning point that would make regular Americans finally love F1. It was an enjoyable flick, but it didn't manage to move many non-F1 junkies into theaters and it wasn't quite nerdy enough for hardcore fans. Nerds rejoice! Weekend Of A Champion is… »11/04/13 10:00am11/04/13 10:00am


Is Marketing Why RUSH Is Stalling Out In Theaters?

Like many of you, I was despondent to learn that Ron Howard's superb RUSH isn't exactly lighting up the box office like its roaring Formula One cars light up their tires. That's surprising considering the film's critical acclaim. Then I started to wonder: did the ad blitz for RUSH sidestep its most compelling story? »10/04/13 12:38pm10/04/13 12:38pm

Tell Everyone You Know To Go See RUSH… Or Else

The automotive media — especially this site — has done all we can to get people to see Ron Howard's Formula One drama RUSH. Why? Ron Howard has done more than make an F1 film, he's made an F1 film worth watching. Now you have to get everyone you know to go see it or else we're probably going to have to wait another… »9/30/13 2:31pm9/30/13 2:31pm

The James Hunt You Don't See In RUSH Was An Anti-Apartheid Crusader

James Hunt is a man who is remembered for his passions. He is revered for his competitive spirit, his immense skill behind the wheel, his devil-may-care attitude, and his hard-partying, womanizing ways away from the track (and sometimes right before a race.) But Hunt also had a passion for social justice that isn’t… »9/24/13 10:00am9/24/13 10:00am

The Jalopnik Film Festival To Host The First Public Screening Of RUSH

Do you want to see Ron Howard's new F1 epic RUSH before anyone else? What about the rally documentary Easier Said Than Done? Do you want to play Gran Turismo 6 early? Then I'm excited to announce you'll be able to do all that and more at the first ever Jalopnik Film Festival, presented by Gran Turismo 6. »8/28/13 4:14pm8/28/13 4:14pm