Raising the Ruf: Porsche Tuner Releases New 911 Workup

Ruf's latest juiced 911 not be in league with its RT12, but you can't expect such balls-out performance from every single Porsche tuner it builds (that'd just be selfish). We're talking about the company's latest 911 tweaker, the R Kompressor, on which the Ruffians added a supercharger, twin water-cooled intercoolers… » 8/14/06 10:32am 8/14/06 10:32am

Ruf Builds Its Fastest Porsche 911 Tuner Ever, the RT12

Venerable Porsche tuner, RUF, has an unassailable record of turning 911s into insanely fast-moving objects. On a train to college in the late-80s — a time when breaking the double-century mark was nearly unheard of for a road car — we cheered (silently, of course) after reading how the twin-turbo RUF CTR "Yellow Bird » 11/08/05 10:19am 11/08/05 10:19am