Dodge Viper Limo Is Unbelievably Strange

It seems for almost every kind of car you can imagine somewhere, someone has attempted to turn it into a limo. Some attempts succeed, others fail miserably, but either way the results can be pretty bizarre. » 3/18/12 5:00pm 3/18/12 5:00pm

Get Snake-Bit for $22,995!

There once was an english white viper, that wasn't going to get any riper. Nice Price or Crack Pipe wonders if you should pluck it, or instead should you just walk away and say. . . » 11/20/09 8:00am 11/20/09 8:00am

Dodge Viper Reimagined For 1967

Rafael Reston has penned a Dodge Viper circa 1967 and the result is quite stunning, reminding us of a Dodge that never was and may never be again. » 2/10/09 3:00pm 2/10/09 3:00pm

Jaguar XJS

We’re really not sure what was happening the moment the guys at Hesco Inc. decided to put a Viper crate motor into a mint, 14k original mile, V12 Jaguar XJS, but we’re betting it had something to do with mass quantities of booze. They purchased an 8.0L V10 from the Mopar catalog and from the looks of it, leisurely… » 12/16/08 2:26pm 12/16/08 2:26pm

Dodge Ram VTS

Released in 1996, the Dodge Ram VTS Concept was merely a design study featuring Viper GTS-inspired bumpers, mirrors, 17-inch wheels, Blue Paint, dual white stripes and Viper GTS sourced 415bhp V10. While we never got to see a Viper powered Ram in this generation, it paved the way for the 500bhp Ram SRT10 that… » 12/16/08 2:25pm 12/16/08 2:25pm

Dodge Sidewinder Concept

The Dodge Sidewinder Concept was built for the ’97 Sema show to explore the design language for the next-gen Dakota pickup truck and featured a 604bhp Viper GTS-R race motor under its bright orange clamshell hood. If you squint your eyes, you can almost see the Chevy SSR in its design, a similarity we’re sure isn’t… » 12/16/08 2:24pm 12/16/08 2:24pm

Dodge Tomahawk Concept

At the 2003 Detroit Auto Show, Dodge surprised and impressed the world with its 4-wheeled, 500bhp, Viper V10 powered motorcycle. While we doubt it’ll reach its claimed top speed of 350mph, we want to believe this is what Batman would be cruising around on instead of that goofy Batpod bike that he had in Dark Knight.… » 12/16/08 2:24pm 12/16/08 2:24pm


In what should have been a hint to NBC on why not to produce a new Knight Rider series, the Viper TV show was just slightly cooler by featuring a morphing ’92 Dodge Viper. Set in the “near future,” an elite government taskforce used the Viper as a front for the much badder-ass silver Defender. Designed and built by… » 12/16/08 2:23pm 12/16/08 2:23pm


Unveiled at the 50th anniversary party for Hot Rod magazine, designed by Chip Foose and built by Troy Trepanier, the Sniper was introduced as the “crowning achievement of fifty years of Hot Rodding.” The Sniper started its life as a 1954 Plymouth Belvedere “Savoy” convertible and was radically modified with the help… » 12/16/08 2:22pm 12/16/08 2:22pm

1962 Jeep CJ-7

A 1962 Jeep CJ-7 wouldn’t be our first thought when trying to find a donor vehicle for a Viper V10, but we’re sure glad this guy did. The CJ-7 body panels were replaced with aluminum pieces and the suspension was revamped to harness the power of the V10 beast under the hood. We’re sure this would make for an… » 12/16/08 2:22pm 12/16/08 2:22pm

Bristol Fighter T

We never claimed it was beautiful when we first showed you the “batshit-mad,” Viper-powered Bristol Fighter T in 2006. Using twin-turbos and twin intercoolers attached to the 8.0-liter V10, the Bristol makes an astonishing 1,012 bhp and 1,036 lb.-ft of torque at 4500 rpm. The Bristol uses this power to reach 60 mph in… » 12/16/08 2:21pm 12/16/08 2:21pm

Velocity 360 Twin 8.3L V10

We’re all about giving you more, so we couldn’t end this list with a PT Cruiser. As a bonus, take a peak at one of Velocity PowerBoats Twin 8.3L Viper powered boats. The 8.3L V10s are prepped for marine use and produce a combined 1300 horsepower, more than enough to travel over 90 mph on the water. » 12/16/08 2:20pm 12/16/08 2:20pm

Decoma PT/10

Here's the ultimate in sleeper transportation and the top in our list for baddest-asp Viper powered rides. As you all know, here at Jalopnik, we love anything El Camino or anything that’s been El Camino-ized and when you mix it with a 500bhp Viper V10; how can you go wrong? While we admit, it’s still a PT Cruiser, we… » 12/16/08 2:18pm 12/16/08 2:18pm

1970 Six-Shooter Barracuda

What appears to be a 1970 Barracuda with a simple Viper motor swap is actually a heavily modified Viper ACR chassis with a ‘Cuda body laid on top. The Time Machines built Six-Shooter retains the Vipers donor chassis, suspension, brakes, a Paxton-supercharged 650 bhp V10 and the Viper interior was also installed. This… » 12/16/08 2:18pm 12/16/08 2:18pm

Pam Anderson Sacrifices Viper For Animal Ethics

Pam Anderson continues in her current career as "vapid celeb throwing money at organizations forged from whining and communism," electing to sell her 2000 Dodge Viper RT/10 to benefit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (NAMBLA). The white-striped Viper is probably better off out of Ms. Anderson's hands… » 6/10/08 2:40pm 6/10/08 2:40pm

1546 HP Twin Turbo Dodge Viper GTS Dyno Run

This has to be the loudest UPS truck we've ever heard. It's really important to notice during this dyno run how the hand held camera is shaking during one of the pulls. So it may not be quite as insane as the 2,200 hp quad turbocharged V8 we saw on Friday, but it's definitely more streetable, and has up to 100% more… » 2/25/08 9:45am 2/25/08 9:45am