Over The Back Fence: Audi To Reveal RS6 At Frankfurt Auto Show?

We just got the official Audi press release for the Frankfurt Auto Show, which like all the automakers pre-show releases reads like they're teasing us with a tease of the press conference. Meaning that they're cryptic and although in this case we're told Audi's world premiering two new — somethings — they're not… » 8/30/07 8:45am 8/30/07 8:45am

Audi RS4 Avant

Perusing the latest issue of Top Gear I came across Jeremy Clarkson's column in which he tries to identify the perfect car. What gave him the idea? He'd just taken a ride in an RS4 Avant. Sure, a few sentences later ye olde Jezza determines that the hyperkinetic Deutsch wagon is not perfect. But, check out his gripes:… » 8/28/07 11:15am 8/28/07 11:15am

Modstuff: Take Control of Audi S4 RS4 Handling

For those willing to make the leap and stop pretending their Audi S4 RS4's are anything but pure performance machines comes this sport sway bar package from Hotchkis Performance. The 35MM front bar stiffens things up by 60%, while the two position 29MM rear bar is adjustable from +235% to +305% stiffer over stock.… » 8/08/07 12:45pm 8/08/07 12:45pm

Report: Next Audi RS4 Coming in 2008

Todd Lassa's shrill condemnations of the blogosphere notwithstanding, Motor Trend clarifies the Audi RS4 issue with some of that snappy jernelism we expect from those who still use the telephone. Those saddened by talk the RS version of the Audi A4 was going the way of Brock Yates's Park Avenue office will be… » 8/02/07 11:00am 8/02/07 11:00am

What's The Jalopnik Company Car?

This comes from none other than our man Bumblebee: » 7/31/07 12:30pm 7/31/07 12:30pm

We think it is a great question. But we need to stipulate a couple rules. First, no Caminos, Starions, WRXs or Jeep Liberties. Too obvious. If anyone remembers what Spin and Davey G drive, none of those, either. The other rule? It needs to be practical. And the RS4…

Renderings Of The Audi A5 and S5 Sportback

We love how Audi just can't stop themselves with the new models. 18 new ones in the coming years is the official company line. Here's one: Looking like the unholy offspring of an A3, a Dodge Magnum and a Mercedes-Benz CLS, somehow this rendering S5 looks pretty good to our wagon loving eyes. Sure, the A4 Avant and A6… » 7/20/07 3:00pm 7/20/07 3:00pm

Does A Vette Really Get 'Em Wet?

A couple of days ago we learned that Jalopnik is infested with girls. Cooties too, most likely. But we also learned that one of the things girls like least about cars are the guys who drive them. Which begins to surprise us until we start thinking about it. Still, women are human, too. But are they goofy enough to bed… » 7/17/07 12:30pm 7/17/07 12:30pm

The $250,000 Question Of The Day

While at a pleasant if not a bit boozy dinner party on Saturday, we found ourself in the position of having to explain what we did last weekend. Which meant that for the second time in as many hours we were once again singing the praises of the Se7en. After we'd been bloviating wildly for 10 minutes, our friend… » 7/16/07 12:30pm 7/16/07 12:30pm

Pricing Announced for US-Bound RS4 Convertible

First the good news. Since the RS4 droptop is going to be so rare, there aren't any options. That means you get stuff like bi-xenon adaptive headlamps, front and rear seat heaters, an iPod hookup in the glove and all the tacky carbon fiber interior bits found in the sedan are replaced with (somehow) more tasteful… » 6/26/07 1:45pm 6/26/07 1:45pm

Automobile Dynos Audi RS4 And R8

There can be no doubt that Audi is making two of the very hottest vehicles in the world. So hot are these cars, that I don't even need to mention names. Which we still find odd, as Germany's other luxury automobile has long been the official car of architects, graphic designers and therapists, not tail-out,… » 6/21/07 10:15am 6/21/07 10:15am

Spy Photos: Lamborghini Gallardo with V8?

The plot thickens. Or is that thins? And even if we knew, we'd still be confused. The boffin prolific spies of KGP captured some images of a modified Gallardo running around Ye Olde Green Hell. The front fascia is revised a bit, the tailpipes look funny and they say it sounded quieter as it vroomed! on by. That… » 6/20/07 5:59am 6/20/07 5:59am

The Audi RS4 Lives!

If you could all see the smile on my face right now. Turns out that we and everyone else erroneously reported the seemingly untimely demise of the fire-spitting RS4. Not so fast reports the publication dedicated to the road that no matter what refuses to go straight (can we stop this?). Here's the skinny low-down… » 6/19/07 2:30pm 6/19/07 2:30pm

Spy Photos: Audi RS6

Screw the grainy YouTube video (both of them) and screw the fan-pics — this time the folks at the Road that is ever-Winding have got the folks from KGP on the case. They've got some crystal-clear shots of the new Audi RS6 which we're expecting to hit the bright lights of the Frankfurt Auto Show stage in September.… » 6/18/07 1:00pm 6/18/07 1:00pm

RS4 Sedan Out Of Production?

Here's one that makes no one happy: Audi may have ceased producing the four-door version of its Bimmer-beating hot rod. Why? According to the lads at Autocar.co.uk, Audi is killing off their best car ever to make room for the upcoming twin-turbo V10 RS6, which bows in Frankfurt this September. Apparently Audi is… » 6/15/07 11:43am 6/15/07 11:43am

How Far Will You Go For The Car Of Your Dreams?

We're just going to let one of our dear, sweet, kosher-phallus obsessed readers take care of this one. » 6/13/07 12:30pm 6/13/07 12:30pm

For the record, Robert P, I had seen it. But the Postfather has been yelling at me for using more than seven exclamation points per day, so I figured I had better back off. But you do beg a good question . How…

Where Did You Get Your Automotive Dogma?

Yesterday, the Postfather hipped all us Jalops to the very real possibility that Cadillac's next CTS-V will come packin' 600 Horsepower. The collective response was, "Yawn, me want an M5." Then, ole Werty Wert put up a post about the new Shelby Super Snake with 725 fucking horsepower! The second response was… » 6/06/07 11:30am 6/06/07 11:30am

Audi RS4 Cabrio Coming to America

Looks like the rumors were true. AudiWorld says it's confirmed that Audi will bring the coveted RS4 cabriolet to the US market, giving Lieberman yet another thing to live for. AuWd says the 420-hp drophead will be sold in extremely limited number — around 300 — and only in the US (sorry Manitoba). Still no Avant,… » 6/06/07 9:49am 6/06/07 9:49am

Who Uber Alles? E39 M5 Or RS 4?

Once again, Herr Johnson and I managed to spend five hours arguing with each other over instant messenger. Only this time we were not half-joking about DAF vs. FAF, but rather quite seriously calling each other soulless turds over which legendary German Q-ship is better. In the Ingolstadt corner, weighing in at 3,800… » 5/29/07 10:45am 5/29/07 10:45am

Audi Robbed Blind: BMW (Nearly) Sweeps International Engine Awards —…

What's a normally aspirated 4.2-liter direct-injected 420 horsepower V8 with an 8,250 rpm redline gotta do to get a little respect around here? For the ninth year in a row Engine Technology International Magazine has presented their International Engine of the Year Award. In 2005 BMW took down 6 wins, including the… » 5/08/07 7:27pm 5/08/07 7:27pm