The Short Life and Sad Death of the Acura RSX

Acura is a strange brand. Only now is Honda beginning to figure out what they want it to be, and as the Civic has moved upmarket, it's edged out its more sophisticated cousin. Production ended this summer but there are still a number of them left on dealer lots. We've always liked the RSX, which seemed more grown-up… » 11/16/06 2:30pm 11/16/06 2:30pm

RSX Hits Death Row

The well-received, but slow-selling RSX hasn't hasn't been the Integra-size hit that Acura was hoping for. Plus, they see that the compact is muddling their brand image and competing with well-equipped Civics. So it's off to the boneyard for the little front-drive sportster, which was probably the closest thing to… » 5/02/06 11:10pm 5/02/06 11:10pm

Acura Introduces A-SPEC TSX Concept at SEMA Show

Acura unveiled a new TSX concept in full-blown A-SPEC performance and cosmetic dress, along with an updated 2006 RSX A-SPEC Concept. Outwardly, it's all about the body kit, with kevlar dams, fender flares shrouding 19-inch Pirellis and a carbon-Kevlar rear spoiler. Brembo stoppers and custom exhaust add commensurate… » 11/02/05 8:39am 11/02/05 8:39am