The Penske Porsches Are Coming! The Penske Porsches Are Coming!

The Corvettes aren't the only ones heading out the paddock. With the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix ALMS race just 45 minutes away, the Penske Racing Porsche RS Spyders have up, revved and run their 480 horsepower engines out of the paddock just the same as their yellow brethren. These are the same Penske Porsches that… » 9/01/07 2:45pm 9/01/07 2:45pm

Dyson Racing Moves to Porsche, LMP2

The close personal American friends of Bruce in Poughkeepsie, Dyson Racing, have decided to trade in their Audi Lola for a Porsche RS Spyder, a car which was only campaigned last season by Penske. According to Porsche Motorsports honcho Hartmut Kristen, the Dyson cars will come equipped the same as the Penske models.… » 12/20/06 11:00pm 12/20/06 11:00pm

Whose House? Porsche Motorsports Opens New Center

Porsche Motorspots has a new, four-bulding complex to house its secret cabal of engineering gnomes, their slide rules and a million gallons of Jolt Cola. The company's swank new center in Weissach is complete, with more than 30,000 square feet of racing goodness — including workshop areas for development of the RS… » 7/28/06 9:23am 7/28/06 9:23am

Two R10s Enter, One R10 Wins; Corvette, Lola, Panoz Round Out Sebring Class Victories

Two of the most hotly-anticipated prototype racers of the last um, uh, real long time made their full-series ALMS debuts at Sebring with mixed results. The pole-qualifying #2 Audi R10 of Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish and Rinaldo Capello took the race, while the #1 car, driven by Marco Werner, Frank Biela and Emanuele… » 3/19/06 12:24am 3/19/06 12:24am