The 12 Worst Car Movies Of All Time

We love movies. We love cars. We love movies about cars. But there are some truly pathetic car flicks out there. Below, thanks to your help, is our list of 12 of the worst. » 8/05/09 3:30pm 8/05/09 3:30pm

The Postfather Makes Radio Appearance

Mike Spinelli, man of mystery, fascinated by everything from the the 2009 Dodge Challenger S/E to H.R. Pufnstuf. While most of us were slaving away in the salt mines of the New York Auto Show, Spin was out gallivanting around NYC and doing the worst Nixon impression you've ever heard Sirius radio show RPM, or is that… » 3/25/08 1:15pm 3/25/08 1:15pm

Jalopnik On Sirius: Gaming Your Ride Today With Craig And Art Morrison

Ok, folks, Spinelli's back on the air with his main man from Maxim, Jon Wilde. The two of them will be live for the hour at 2:00 PM on Maxim Radio 108 and they'll be talking with Craig and Art Morrison. If you don't know who they are, you probably haven't been paying attention to what Bumbeck's been laying down. And… » 2/22/07 1:38pm 2/22/07 1:38pm

Jalopnik On Sirius: Spyker!

This week on Spinelli and Wilde's Maxim Radio show, we've got Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars. Maybe we can get him to talk about the hotted up C12 La Turbie the company did with Italian design firm Zagato. We'll also ask him about the expanding company's F1 hopes, and its outrageous approach to design. Sirius… » 2/01/07 12:58pm 2/01/07 12:58pm

Jalopnik On Sirius: My Sweet C16

No, Wilde and Spinelli weren't canceled after last week, despite what happened with that chicken and the 10W-40. Which is good, because they've got a treat for us today when their hour of power airing live at 2:00 PM EST on Sirius Channel 108. The dynamic duo will be interviewing Reeves Callaway, the CEO and founder… » 1/25/07 1:10pm 1/25/07 1:10pm

Jalopnik on Sirius: We Might Make You Delirious

Synchronize your Tamagotchi clocks, kids. Today's the first show in Spinelli's new Sirius satellite radio show, RPM, which he'll be hosting with Maxim's zany-brainy Jon Wilde. It'll be a supercharged hour of extreme machines and the hottest hoo-ha! Yes! Grrrr! show about cars and related conveyances. Today's guest… » 1/18/07 12:06pm 1/18/07 12:06pm