Prince Charles Converts Aston Martin To Run On Wine

There's rich, and then there's royalty. Lest you confuse the two, consider the fact that Britain's Prince Charles now drives an Aston Martin DB6 fueled by white wine. To be fair, the Prince's Aston actually runs on bioethanol distilled from surplus wine. It turns out EU countries cannot sell more than a set quota of… » 7/01/08 8:45am 7/01/08 8:45am

Well Played, Sir! Carlos Ghosn To Receive Honorary Knighthood, No Title

Everyone's favorite automakin' CEO in charge of the global-spanning alliance that is GM -Renault-Nissan just received word he's the next "Honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire." The ceremony will be occurring at the British embassy sometime in early 2007. Unfortunately, because Ghosn is the very model of a… » 10/24/06 3:23pm 10/24/06 3:23pm

You know I Am the King of Spain: Juan Carlos Gets a Maybach

It's no Galaxie 500, but we'd imagine Spanish crown royal Juan Carlos I is smilin' to himself and laughin' out loud nonetheless, having received a sporty, new 612 hp Maybach 57S (the driver's Maybach), delivered in person by DaimlerChrysler CEO, Dieter Zetsche. The King — a direct descendant of Holy Roman Emperor… » 5/22/06 9:32am 5/22/06 9:32am